What Would it Take to TRIPLE Your Garage Door Business in the Next 12 Months?

I only serve Door Companies in the USA, so I know exactly how to get MORE CUSTOMERS for YOUR Business…
… the only thing I care about is GETTING YOU MORE BUSINESS. The more people who know about your business, the MORE MONEY YOU are going to make. Marketing is an investment – and if you’re spending money, that investment needs to pay off big-time. That’s where I shine. Together we will outline an EXACT plan of how to advertise online and how your entire “online reputation” needs to change to grow your business and get you more customers.
Michael Tesalona
“Michael continues to offer solutions that have helped Trinity Fire Partners to set us apart from our competitors.”
CJ Levy
Executive Director
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Have you ever wondered how to MAKE MORE MONEY with your Garage Door Company Marketing?

Imagine your phone ringing off the hook with new customers, having more money in your bank account, and completely dominating your local market with virtually no effort on your part.

Sound impossible? It’s really not…

I use the latest marketing techniques to help businesses achieve these results and get more customers using the internet.

Simply put, I make sure when people Google “garage doors + SERVICE AREA” – they ONLY want to call my clients…

… And I can do it for YOU, too!

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I Only Serve Garage Door Companies in the USA
I took this picture of my Dad fist pumping at the Seaside Shore Store after Superstorm Sandy
Who is Michael Tesalona?

My name is Michael Tesalona, and – unlike other marketers – I’ve personally installed and repaired dozens of garage doors and overhead doors since 2001. My father has a door company. I’ve been climbing ladders and hooking up operators since I was a teenager.

While I didn’t follow in my dad’s footsteps, a few years ago I did help him with his online marketing and I’ve spent the last few years figuring out exactly what a garage door company needs to do to grow the business using the internet.

I learned some very important lessons from working on my father’s marketing…

…but before I get into the details I have to say these strategies are not right for everyone.

My Services are NOT For You If…
You Don’t Care About Customer Service
You have to be 100% committed to providing the best customer service in your area for my strategies to work.
You are Not Willing to Pay for Quality
My fees are fair but I am not the cheapest show in town. If you think it’s better to spend less money for low quality work than we probably aren’t a great fit.
You are Trying to Become a Marketing Expert Yourself
My system works but you need to trust my system and get out of the way.
The Number One Secret that Internet Marketers are Afraid to Admit…

The Internet absolutely can help your business grow. But the major way the Internet can help your business is by making sure your referrals actually give you a call.

When your happy customers tell their friends about your door company, the first thing those people do is go online to read your customer reviews.

According to a report done by BrightLocal:

  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • and 85% of people read up to 10 reviews for a company

(source: BrightLocal)

“Even one bad review can tarnish your online reputation”
“88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation”

This information should having you shaking in your boots.

Because, even if you have people referring your company, if you are not monitoring what people are saying about your company online – you’re losing business.

Even one bad review can tarnish your online reputation…

…And having NO online reputation (no website, no reviews, no blog) makes your referred leads start thinking you’re not a “real company” and then they start looking at the competition.

I Have a Solution That Will Solve All These Problems For You

We sit down and discuss your business. We discuss who your current customers are and who you want them to be. We discuss how different online advertising and managing your “online reputation” can be used to get your phone to ring and make your business completely dominate your service area.

I set up my Garage Door Marketing System and then you sit back and watch the calls start rolling in.


If you’ve made it this far I know you are serious about growing your Garage Door Company and you owe it to yourself to schedule a free strategy call to learn more.

During our call I’ll show you in detail exactly how the system works and what type of results you can expect in what timeframe.

But I can tell you right now:

  • You’ll see results in less than 45 days
  • There are no contracts, no crazy upfront fees – and only one number to call
  • 100% guarantee to get you 2x my fee in new revenue or your money back
    Whatever you do, ACT NOW.

Don’t let this get lost in the shuffle of life.

Give me a call today so you can start making the money you deserve!

To your business success,

Michael Tesalona

Founder / doorcompanymarketing.com

My “done-for-you” system is 100% backed by my 2x Revenue Guarantee. If you don’t earn at least 2x’s my monthly fee in new revenue, I will work for free up to 4 months, or until you do. No other consultant on the planet offers something like this but I am so confident in what we offer that I’m willing to make this promise to you.
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